Please drop your child off at the black top out front of the school between 7:45 and 8:00.  Our support teachers will be supervising during this time and will bring each class to our rooms at 8:00.  If children arrive to our classrooms later than 8:10, they will be marked tardy.  Make sure you check in at the office if your child will be tardy.  Please make every effort to bring your child to school on time each day to keep a consistent routine.


Options: Car Line, Classroom Pick-up, MWR, Boys and Girls Club, or Walker (child walks home independently)

Classroom Pick-up- Please wait outside of your student’s classroom at 3:00 in the grassy area (we prefer not to cause traffic jams on the sidewalks where other students are walking).  It is incredibly helpful if you do not show up early outside the classroom where students may be preparing for dismissal as this tends to lead to distraction.  Classroom Pick-Up is not an option on enrichment days.

Please contact the office AND stick a note in your child's briefcase (clear folder)/email your classroom teacher in the morning whenever afternoon transportation will be different than normal.  This will limit confusion at the end of the day.

Please make sure your classroom teacher has record (and the office) of any adults who are allowed to transport your child.