Please purchase these items for your first grader:

***Please label each item with your child's first and last name! Teacher's name/Mascot will also be helpful.***


Sigsbee will provide other student supplies needed such as folders, notebooks, pencils etc.

  In order to limit the amount of supplies stored in our classrooms, we have divided the alphabet by last name to receive just   enough supplies to start the year.  We will send out an email when we begin to run low on these later in the year.
                                                           Last name A-F: Please provide paper towels & lysol/clorox wipes
                                                           Last name G-L: Please provide tissues & 1 box of quart/sandwich size ziploc bags
                                                           Last name M-R: Please provide 1 bottle of hand sanitizer & 1 box of dixie cups
                                                           Last name S-Z: Please provide 1 bottle of hand soap & 1 ream of white copy paper (8 1/2 by 11)

If possible, please bring these items to Meet the Teacher to avoid having to send them in with your child to school.  This will also help your teacher get organized ahead of time:)

Your child's teacher will  also provide a list of other donations needed at Meet the Teacher in August.